Our mission: More People Riding Bicycles

Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance builds a better community by getting more people on bikes.

Our vision: A strong community where people of all ages and abilities can safely enjoy the many benefits of cycling for fun or transportation.

Our goals: Removing barriers to cycling

TVCA encourages more citizens to bike regularly by removing barriers, both real and imagined. Our efforts are focused on improving cycling infrastructure, advocating for policy change to benefit cyclists, and educating the community on cycling topics and issues. We achieve these goals by raising funds, organizing volunteers, developing programs, and collaborating with other cycling groups and public agencies.

Infrastructure:  Better choices

Better cycling infrastructure makes for better places to ride. TVCA supports cycling infrastructure improvements that make cycling more convenient, safe, and fun for all riders. These improvements might be to roadways, trails, pathways, sidewalks, or intersections. TVCA will use the best resources available, including the results of its own research, to identify and promote good ideas.

Education:  Smarter riders, motorists and citizens

TVCA uses a range of resources to tell the story and explain the benefits of cycling.

  • Rider education programs increase rider confidence and understanding and respect for laws and etiquette .

  • Motorist education pursues the goal better sharing share the road lawfully and safely

  • Stakeholder education has the broad aim touting the social, lifestyle and economic benefits that come from responsible investments in cycling infrastructure.

Advocacy:  Change for the better

TVCA advocates for changes at every level of government that make bicycles a more viable part of a balanced transportation system. We actively seek out opportunities to represent the needs and concerns of cyclists regarding: 1) expenditures on roadway and neighborhood improvement projects, 2) policies that protect the interests and safety of cyclists, 3) enforcement of vehicle laws related to motorists and cyclists, and 4) the widespread establishment of better bicycle facilities and amenities.

Collaboration:  Strengthening community

Lasting change comes as a result or productive partnerships. We build relationships with cycling organizations, government agencies, and other community partners to produce lasting change. We seek out the expertise of others, and cultivate expertise of our own, to advance issues relevant to cyclists.  

Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance is a non-profit membership organization of volunteers working to promote bicycling and improve transportation infrastructure for bicycles in the Treasure Valley. TVCA is a 501(c)4 non-profit (tax EID #52-0763469)